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EDP announced as challenge partner for the PhiWeek Bootcamp

4. September 2019

Today, energy service producer and provider, EDP group, through its innovation arm, EDP Inovação, has announced its support as an industry challenge partner for the PhiWeek Bootcamp. EDP is an international utility based in Portugal that produces, distributes and provides energy and gas, being present in 16 countries from four continents. It is the fourth largest wind energy production company in the world and almost 70% of its energy is produced from renewable resources. It provides electricity and gas to almost 11 million customers. EDP Inovação is focused on creating, finding and accelerate the innovation in the energy sector.

The goal of the PhiWeek Bootcamp event is to explore the scope of Earth Observation data by non-space industries by example through an industry or company relevant challenge, set by the official challenge partner. The event focus in 2019 is on the Energy sector, which represents the sector where the official challenge partner operates in.

The event will follow the Design Sprint format, which provides a structured Hackathon experience for the participants. The participants will collaborate in teams with the goal of prototyping solutions or applications that responds to the industry challenge by applying their various areas of expertise and skills.

The event will also assemble resource partners, startups and speakers to provide additional inputs in the form of technology demonstrations, access to APIs and training to the participants. These inputs may become central components of the final solutions and applications prototyped by the participants.

The Challenge

Set by EDPI, the challenge of the PhiWeek Bootcamp 2019 concerns the prevention, detection and mitigation of the risk of wildfires around important energy infrastructures in Portugal, relating to bushes and vegetation.

2017 was a particularly dark year for European wildfires with a record 1.2 million hectares going up in flames — 800,000 in Portugal, Italy and Spain alone — claiming the lives of 127 civilians and unleashing economic damage worth an estimated €10 billion. [1]

“Although satellites are a known technology, with the recent improvements on the sensors and cost reduction, they are positioning themselves as one of the most important tools to survey large areas with high resolution information and in short periods of time, that’s why we are actively looking at satellite-related products to improve our operations, especially in the prevention of wildfires. In line with our Open Innovation approach it is with pleasure that we partner in this PhiWeek Bootcamp. We are eager to see what solutions that come out of the event and hopefully support the development of a commercial solution.” – Pedro Ferreira, Technology Development Engineer, EDP Inovação

The solutions will be tested with a set of users and then presented to a jury that awards prizes to the best prototype, which has the potential to be commercialised.

About the PhiWeek Bootcamp

The PhiWeek Bootcamp is hosted by the European Space Agency (ESA) in the framework of Φ-week. It is an intensive 5-day event, which guides you through the design sprint process, answering critical questions in the design, prototyping, and testing ideas relating to Earth Observation.

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About the Φ-week

The European Space Agency (ESA) is organising a Φ-week event, 9-13 September 2019, focusing on EO Open Science and FutureEO – to review the latest developments in Open Science trends.

The Φ-week will include a variety of events (e.g. inspiring talks, workshops, roundtables, startup pitch, hackathons) to connect multi-disciplinary communities – from EO researchers, data scientists, non-space corporates, tech leaders, entrepreneurs, up to startup and innovators – to (i) explore together how EO Open Science and innovation can benefit from the latest digital technologies and (ii) help shape FutureEO missions and services.

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About EDP Inovação

EDP Inovação’s mission is to bring Innovation to the EDP Group. It is a strong believer in Open Innovation, partnering with universities, scientific institutions, start-ups, value chain suppliers and many other innovation sources. It also partners with entrepreneurs, large corporations, business angels, venture capital funds and their investors. We live in the age of innovation in the energy sector and EDP Inovação are committed to maintain EDP at the forefront of energy innovation.

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[1] EuroNews “There have been three times more wildfires in the EU so far this year” By Alice Tidey. Last updated: 15/08/2019